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Heron Surgical Supply

As an energetic medical equipment company, we have taken on the challenges of meeting the homecare medical equipment and service needs of those requiring care in the home. To realize those healthcare challenges, we at Heron Surgical Supply Company are committed to focusing all our attention on the patient. Through our highly qualified and experienced staff, we are confident we can meet and exceed the needs of those who require home healthcare. At Heron Surgical Supply, our strongest asset is our staff. Each caring member is dedicated to performing their best. To keep or already very qualified and experienced staff abreast of new technologies and development in the healthcare industry, we offer continuing education. Through special designed course and seminars, we broaden our knowledge base and pass this valuable information on to other homecare professionals and patients via our everyday contacts. Whether a Customer Service Representative, a Claims Specialists, A Driver Technician, a Respiratory Therapist, or a Sales Representative, each and every one of us, working together as a team, we strive to meet and exceed the needs of our number one concern-our valued patient.




We understand the need for prompt and friendly service. That is why each delivery is executed in a timely manner and in coordination with the patient’s schedule. Upon delivery, instruction is given to the patient. As well as the caregiver, to ensure comfort, their home medical equipment. If for any reason, questions or concerns arise after the delivery, friendly and caring Heron Surgical Supply company representatives are only a phone call away. Upon delivery, we provide our patients with a 24 hour on-call emergency service number (1-800-640-7077). This allows them to breathe a little easier should they have any equipment concerns. The security of knowing we are available brings greater comfort and freedom to our patient’s everyday lives.



 Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance are accepted on most items. All billing is processed by our well trained Claims Specialists. We are more than happy to answer any questions our patients may have about their insurance coverage or billing statements. In addition, should we not accept assignment on an item, we will gladly process a claim to the patient’s insurance company on their behalf. This eliminates the burden of the patient preparing a claim, and assures them of timely and correct claims processing by a qualified claims specialist.



Convenient ordering is available with prescription, via phone, fax, mail, or just walking in. Our Customer Service Representatives are ready to assist you during our regular business hours, 8:30-5:00 pm (Monday, Thursday & Friday), Saturday 10:00 am – 4:00 pm. EQUIPMENT MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR To allow for optimal equipment performance, all our rental equipment is maintained on a regularly scheduled maintenance program. Should a piece of rental equipment need service, we will gladly exchange it promptly and efficiently. We are always happy to arrange for repair or servicing of purchased products and often have loaners available.



Because the healthcare industry is changing, we routinely offer in services as a courtesy to our accounts. Whether it is a basic piece of equipment (i.e. wheelchair, home lift, etc), or something more complex (i.e oxygen concentrator, etc), we are available to in-service new staff, give updates, or introduce new products that are new to the marketplace. We encourage continuing education and staff development both internally, in our organization, and externally, at our referral sources, in order to provide high quality patient care.



We recognize that there are always items of special need. For this reason, we offer our special order service. We will bend our backwards to find that special items in our enormous warehouse inventory, or though our wide range of vendors and manufacturers. Your confidence is knowing we are here to serve you is important to us.